It’s Not a DIY Job! Why Choose Professional Pressure Washing Services

November 2, 2019

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Regardless of the size and style of your home and property, at some point, every homeowner will need help from a professional pressure washing company. Pressure washing is a vital piece of long-term property maintenance and can save you thousands of dollars by preventing property damage and degradation.

Professional pressure washing uses 80% less water than garden hoses and removes damaging mold, mildew, and algae from roofing tiles, as well as dirt, mud, sand, and silt from exterior walls. Power washing prolongs the life of exterior surfaces and improves curb appeal in an instant.

Despite these benefits, power washing can be a time-intensive and potentially dangerous endeavor if not done correctly. With that in mind, consider the numerous benefits of hiring power washing professionals for your home, and be sure to discuss any questions you have about residential pressure washing or soft wash systems with a power washing contractor near you.

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Why Are Professional Pressure Washing Services So Vital?

Whether it’s the gutters, house, or even the driveway, power washing by a reliable team of professionals not only improves the overall curb appeal of your home but can also extend the life of your property! Make no mistake, tutorials for ‘how to power wash house’ are no substitute for professional pressure washing near you. Check out some vital benefits of regular residential pressure washing services:

  • Power washing removes and helps prevent the buildup of mold, algae, and moss in your home. Algae is especially damaging to roofing shingles, while mold clinging to the outside of a home is bothersome to sinuses and very unhealthy!
  • Heavy rains deposit leaves, sticks, and other such debris into a home’s gutters, putting your home at risk of water damage. Pressure washing removes all that debris and keeps gutters clean and clear.
  • Driveway power washing increases your property’s curb appeal while protecting concrete and asphalt from etching and potholes formed by motor oil and other debris.
  • Power washing removes debris from wood and stone decks and patios, creating a beautiful, smooth surface free of moss, mold, and mildew and safe for walking.
  • Roof washing removes debris from shingles and tiles, protecting them from damage. A thorough roof wash also exposes areas of needed repair, such as water-damaged shingles, torn shingles and flashing, and the like.
  • Because of its high pressure and smaller areas of spray, power washing uses up to 80% less water than a typical garden hose, making pressuring washing your property the most eco-friendly and effective method of property maintenance!
  • Professional power washing services remove cobwebs, termite tunnels, bee nests, and hornet’s nests, and other areas used by bothersome insects around your home, reducing the risk of those pests making their way inside.
  • Residential pressure washing often exposes cracks and other damage along a home’s concrete foundation and outside brick surfaces so that those areas can be repaired as needed.
  • Deck washing cleans away mold and mildew that grow along cracks and pits in wood, reducing the risk of added damage to those materials.
  • Soft wash systems use surfactants that kill mold and mildew, creating a more welcoming outside environment that is clean and hygienic, and safe for you and your family.

Why Use Pressure Washing Services Versus DIY

Residential power washing often looks very simple, but the job is typically more complicated than homeowners realize. Improper power washing techniques can also damage surfaces and materials around the home. Note a few important details about why this work is best left to professionals:

  • A power washing contractor near you will typically inspect surfaces thoroughly, looking for cracks or holes in siding, chipped brick, loose paint, and other hazards. He or she will adjust their pressure washing techniques accordingly to avoid adding to that damage.
  • If left to dry or not rinsed properly and quickly, pressure washing detergents can attract more dirt and also leave behind unsightly streaks and other marks. Professional pressure washing contractors ensure that all detergents and surfactants are rinsed properly.
  • High-pressure rinses not only crack certain materials and peel away paint but also cause unsightly splattering! It’s also easy to shred window screens and shatter old and brittle window glass with pressure washing equipment, while a professional will know the right pressure and techniques to use to protect your property from damage.
  • Professional power washing contractors also ensure the least amount of water runoff as possible and avoid letting soapy, dirty water settle onto your property’s lawn and landscaping.
  • It’s vital that you avoid pressure washing surfaces covered in lead-based paint to avoid stripping that paint and allowing that toxic material to end up in nearby water supplies. A professional power washer will ensure that lead-based paint is cleaned without the risk of stripping.
  • The use of hot water and specialty surfactants are needed to dissolve thick grease, motor oil, and other such residues. A homeowner might assume that driveway stains and other areas of dirt and grime simply need more pressure for cleaning, which can then damage those areas and use more time and water than needed!
  • High-pressure water streams, the kickback of a pressure wand, and dirty splatter are all dangerous and unhealthy! It’s also easy for a homeowner to lose their footing on wet surfaces around their property or lose their balance while on a ladder. To stay safe, hire a professional rather than trying to DIY your pressure washing services!
  • Pressure washing involves various techniques for loosening dirt and grime; for example, a power washing contractor typically starts from the bottom of a home’s outside walls and washes upward to loosen streaks of dirt. Improper techniques take longer than necessary and are often ineffective.
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When Your Property Needs Power Washing Services

In many cases, it’s obvious that your home needs residential power washing; thick layers of dirt, mud and other grime clinging to outside walls are not easily cleaned with a garden hose! However, you might also note that it’s good to consider residential pressure washing even if your home doesn’t look overly dirty. As an example, if you use a lawnmower without a bag, have the home power washed after grass-cutting season to remove grass clippings from the home’s exterior.

If you live in an area prone to heavy rains, hurricanes, and other strong storms, consider roof washing after that stormy season. Roof cleaning removes twigs, leaves, dirt, and other residues deposited onto a home’s roof during storms. Homes in tropical areas might also need roof washing more often than others to remove sand, silt, and other gritty residues.

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While many homeowners clean a home’s gutters on their own, it’s best to call for pressure washing services if the gutters are especially filthy or are caked with packed, solid dirt and mud. Soft wash systems dissolve thick dirt and grime so that a low pressure rinse is all that’s needed, reducing the risk of pulling gutters away from the homes and also reducing unsightly splatter!

If you notice mold, mildew, moss, or algae growing along a home’s exterior and especially along the roofing shingles and roof edges, call for professional power washing services! The detergents used by a power washing contractor kill roots and spores of these contaminants, reducing the risk of them growing back and offering maximum protection for your home against future damage. A professional will also ensure that all traces of mold and algae are removed without loosening roofing shingles and tiles.

Keeping Your Property Looking Good Between Pressure Washing Services

While regular power washing is an excellent way to ensure your home and property look their best, you might note a few tips on keeping things clean and attractive between power washing services! One suggestion is to invest in a bagged lawnmower to keep grass clippings off the side of the house. For properties in tropical areas, a solid panel fence also helps to keep out sand, silt, and other debris and keep those residues off the home’s exterior walls.

If your area is also prone to strong storms, consider adding decorative but functional awnings over windows to keep rainwater and other debris off outside glass. It’s also useful to trim back tree branches, so they don’t drop twigs, leaves, and other debris onto a home’s roof and to avoid sap and bird droppings winding up on your freshly cleaned windows!

Keep grills and outdoor cooking equipment away from a home’s exterior walls to avoid smoke and soot stains on brick and siding. If you smoke outdoors, try to sit as far from the walls as possible, as cigarette smoke can also leave unsightly marks on those walls as well as outside windows.

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Related Questions

Are there surfaces you shouldn’t pressure wash?

Using too much pressure can result in damage to window glass, screens, soft wood, and other worn surfaces around your property. To avoid this risk of damage, leave pressure washing services to the pros!

Does power washing increase the risk of mold growth around the home?

Improper power washing techniques can result in water seeping inside a home, increasing the risk of mold growth. Professional pressure washing services and especially a soft wash system decreases this risk and ensure your home is safe.

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