What Every Homeowner Needs to Know About Gutter Cleaning in Royal Oak

August 10, 2019

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Gutter cleaning in Royal Oak is vital for every home, and there are many reasons why this work is best left to a pressure washing contractor near you. If you’re a Royal Oak homeowner and haven’t had your home’s gutters cleaned and brightened in many years, or have been tackling this job on your own, note a few reasons why it’s good to call a power washing company near you.

You might also consider some questions you might have about Royal Oak gutter cleaning and brightening for your home, as well as other power washing services. You can then ensure that every inch of your property’s exterior is clean and pristine, and protected from damage! First, you need to figure out the answer to where to get gutter cleaning near me.

gutter cleaning in Royal Oak

Why is Gutter Cleaning in Royal Oak Important?

Never put off needed gutter cleaning in Royal Oak! The gutter cleaning cost is worth every penny. If you’re like many homeowners, you might not think of your home’s gutters until they’re clogged and caked with dirt and grime both inside and out, but there are many reasons to schedule gutter cleaning and brightening on a regular basis and long before those clogs form:

  • Even if gutters are not clogged, thick dirt and mud allow rainwater to build up in the gutters faster than it can drain away. Roofing shingles and tiles might then absorb this water, leading to softening, buckling, curling, and crumbling.
  • When rainwater builds up in gutters, it also splashes over the sides of those channels and runs down the home’s exterior walls, leaving behind unsightly water marks and dark, dirty streaks. Moisture can also seep into cracks in siding and brick, leading to interior water damage.
  • The purpose of a home’s downspouts is to direct rainwater away from the house itself. Rainwater washing over the sides of gutters rather than into downspouts will then pool around the home’s foundation, leading to cracks and other damage, as well as interior water leaks.
  • Standing water in gutters attracts mosquitoes and other pests that are irritating and even harmful to anyone outside, including your pets!
  • Mud and silt inside gutters might develop musty or otherwise unpleasant odors that make it difficult for you to enjoy your time on a deck or patio under those gutters.
  • Thick and heavy layers of mud, dirt, grime and other residues tend to pull gutters away from their connectors, allowing for gaps between the channels and your house; rainwater then makes its way through those gaps. This also leads to an increased risk of water damage to the home’s exterior.

Ideally, you need to be getting gutter cleaning at least once a year. For superior protection of your property, the experts recommend a thorough gutter cleaning service once in the fall and again in the spring.

What is Gutter Brightening of a Royal Oak Home?

Royal Oak gutter brightening is a bit different than gutter cleaning. Gutter brightening refers to cleaning away dirty streaks outside the gutters. These streaks, often called tiger stripes, appear when water washes over the gutters and leaves behind dirt, mud, and other debris.

Gutter brightening is essential for keeping your home looking its best. Bright white gutters help to offset the color of a home’s exterior walls and roof, providing some contrast between these surfaces. Your home looks fresh and new with complete gutter brightening services, improving curb appeal in an instant!

Why Avoid DIY Gutter Cleaning in Royal Oak

Many homeowners assume that gutter cleaning in Royal Oak is a simple DIY job and that they can just climb a ladder and hose out their home’s gutters on their own. This can be a mistake, as proper gutter cleaning is more complicated and even more dangerous than you might realize! Balancing on a ladder while trying to manage a hose and other tools is very difficult and can result in falls and serious injuries.

A garden hose is also typically insufficient for gutter cleaning in Royal Oak, which is why a professional power washing company will use specialty surfactants meant to soften and dissolve thick dirt and grime. Low-pressure soft wash systems then rinse away debris without splashing and splattering. Soft wash systems are an excellent choice for safe yet effective Royal Oak gutter cleaning, no matter the levels of dirt and mud in those gutters.

expert gutter cleaning in royal oak

How Often is Gutter Cleaning in Royal Oak Needed?

If your property has mature trees that hang over the home’s roof, those trees might tend to drop lots of leaves, twigs, seeds, nuts, acorns, sap, and other debris onto the roof and in the gutters, leading to a buildup of residues and clogs. It’s vital you schedule gutter cleaning as often as necessary to keep that guttering clean and clear.

Neglecting proper roof washing in Royal Oak might also result in more dirt and debris winding up in the home’s gutters. If you can’t afford regular professional roof cleaning, consider having the home’s gutters cleaned more often than average to ensure they’re free of dirt, mud, and other debris.

cleaning gutters in royal oak

You might also note if you see dirt and mud on the outside of gutters or notice soft and crumbly edges of your home’s roofing shingles. These are signs of rainwater washing over the sides of gutters, indicating that gutters need cleaning. A downspout cleaning might also be needed to keep them clean and clear, and functioning cor.

Tips for Keeping a Home’s Exterior Clean

Along with regular Royal Oak gutter cleaning, note some other power washing services that are essential for keeping a home’s exterior clean and in good condition:

  • Roof washing at a Royal Oak home removes drying soot and acid rain residues as well as damaging mud, dirt, sand, silt, and other gritty residues from asphalt shingles and tiles.
  • Sidewalk and driveway pressure washing washes away motor oil and other corrosive fluids, gritty debris, and growing moss and mold, leaving your property clean and safe for foot traffic.
  • Exterior house washing protects a home from water damage caused by storms and heavy rainfall as well as fertilizers, lawn care chemicals, and snow salt that get blown onto a home’s outside walls.
  • Professional window cleaning removes grit, grime, and other residues that etch glass and create tiny cracks and crevices along a window’s surface. A thorough cleaning also improves your home’s curb appeal outside while allowing more sunlight through the windows to your home’s interior rooms.

Consider any or all of these services when you call a pressure washing company for Royal Oak gutter cleaning at residential homes or a commercial property so your home is cleaned from top to bottom, and it always looks its best! When searching for the best gutter cleaning near me, know that ProClean Pressure Washing of Royal Oak is your best option.

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