Yes, Roof Cleaning in Royal Oak Is Necessary, But It’s Not a DIY Job!

January 24, 2020

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Homeowners often neglect needed roof cleaning in Royal Oak, sometimes assuming that a roof only needs to be sturdy and in good repair but not necessarily clean! While roof washing improves your property’s curb appeal and enhances the appearance of your home, there are many other benefits of this service that homeowners would do well to consider.

While roof cleaning in Royal Oak is a vital part of maintaining your home, it’s also not a DIY job! As with many other specialty services, it’s best to leave Royal Oak roof washing to the pros for a variety of reasons. Before you go another year without proper roof washing of a Royal Oak home or business, or pull out your ladder and garden hose and assume you can tackle this work on your own, note some important information about roof cleaning.

professional roof cleaning in royal oak

Is Roof Cleaning in Royal Oak Necessary?

Consider just a few reasons why roof cleaning in Royal Oak is so necessary for any home so you know to call a pro when your home’s roof starts to look a bit dingy and dull.

  • Damp storm debris leads to water damage to shingles, allowing them to soften and then crumble and fall away.
  • Soot, acid rain residues, and other debris dry shingles making them brittle and crumbly. Shingles might then simply come apart and fall away from the roof or become thin and less able to insulate the home’s interior and protect the roof materials from damage.
  • Moss, mold, mildew, and algae grow between shingles and around other roofing materials, loosening those materials and increasing the risk of having them fall away or blow away in a storm.
  • Roof cleaning in Royal Oak exposes areas of shingle damage, torn or bent flashing, and other needed repairs.

Remember that all of these benefits are in addition to enhancing and improving your home’s curb appeal! Many homeowners are surprised at how different their home looks after roof washing in Royal Oak and how much a clean roof improves the overall appearance of a property.

What Is the Best Roof Cleaning in Royal Oak For Homes?

Many pressure washing companies provide roof cleaning for Royal Oak homes and businesses but note that high-pressure washes are often damaging to roofs, especially for older shingles and flashing in poor repair. Harsh scrub brushes might also rub away the granules on shingle surfaces, making them thin and less able to insulate a home or allow rainwater to wash off a roof.

Soft wash systems for Royal Oak homes are often a much better option than high-pressure washing. A soft wash roof cleaning in Royal Oak starts with a specialty surfactant designed to seep into all the nooks and crannies of a roof, gently dissolving thick dirt and debris.

A soft wash roof cleaning in Royal Oak ends with a low-pressure washing, typically just a slight bit more powerful than a garden hose. This low-pressure rinse removes dirt and the washing detergent without damaging shingles, loosening them, or stripping granules from their surface. A soft wash roof cleaning in Royal Oak leaves your house clean and pristine, and free of damage!

roof cleaning in Royal Oak

Does Roof Cleaning in Royal Oak Damage Homes?

One common question homeowners ask is if roof cleaning in Royal Oak damages a roof, its shingles, or the home’s overall structure. While high-pressure cleaning and harsh detergents, including household bleach, might damage shingles, regular professional roof cleaning by an exterior house cleaning company is safe and effective for homes.

Some homeowners also assume that power washing or any roof cleaning in Royal Oak leads to water damage to the roof structure. Improper washing procedures might allow water buildup along the roof or cause damage to the home, but professional cleaning is safe for the home’s framework, chimney, gutters, and all other parts connected to its roof.

How Often Should You Schedule a Royal Oak Roof Wash?

Schedule a Royal Oak roof wash as often as needed to keep your home’s roof clean and in good repair. Most homeowners find that every 18 months to two years is sufficient; however, if you live near the freeway, your home might be covered in layers of soot and grime and need roof washing more often.

Large shade trees also tend to deposit leaves, seeds, twigs, sap, and other debris onto a roof so that it gets dirty quite often. If there are large, mature trees on your property, and especially if their branches hang over the home’s roof, you might need Royal Oak roof washing every year rather than every other year.

What Causes Roof Stains?

A home’s roof gets dirty due to exposure to air pollution, soot, and other factors outside your control! However, those overhanging tree branches also drop debris onto a roof. Trimming them back can sometimes keep a home’s roof cleaner throughout the year. Some black stains are algae that form when water collects on a home’s roof, and this algae also needs regular power washing and soft wash cleaning.

In some cases, dark spots on a roof indicate softening of the roof’s structure and sagging areas. These areas are dangerous for a homeowner to walk over as a roof might collapse underneath them, which is just another reason to leave need roof washing in Royal Oak to the pros!

Why Choose Gutter Cleaning in Royal Oak Along with Roof Washing?

Clogged gutters allow rainwater to wash up to roof eaves, where it’s then absorbed by the wood framework and shingles on the edges of a roof, softening them and causing damage. Standing rainwater also encourages mold, mildew, moss, and algae growth.

Professional gutter and roof cleaning in Royal Oak removes layers of dirt, mud, grime, leaves, and other debris, keeping gutters and attached downspouts clean and clear. Soft wash pressure cleaning is an excellent choice for gutters, removing that dirt and debris without putting pressure on those channels and their connectors. If your home’s gutters are dirty and clogged, consider gutter cleaning along with roof cleaning in Royal Oak for maximum protection of the home’s roof and framework.

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