ProClean's NEW EPA-Approved Sanitization Services in Royal Oak

Kills Mold, Bacteria & Viruses

including Covid-19 and influenza

Environmentally Friendly

EPA registered, non-toxic, biodegradable

Leave Your Site "As Is"

Safe 2-hour process and no residue

COVID Disinfecting Services in Royal Oak Keep Everyone Safe

Many believed it would be an over and out problem in the United States, but COVID-19 has continued to spread rapidly, making covid cleaning services in Royal Oak essential. We want to help businesses, large and small, get back to work, and that's why we've attained EPA-certified cleaning agents and sanitizing cleaning services that eliminate the coronavirus, influenza, and other harmful molds, bacteria, and viruses.

If you think someone has entered your facility with a contagious illness and contact has been made, we offer same-day, 24-hour emergency appointments. Call today to get a FREE no-contact quote from our attentive and professional team.
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Thorough Sanitizing Cleaning Services in Royal Oak Methods Proven to Work for Up to 90 days!

Start with a contactless estimate that's entirely complimentary and contactless. We will go over the specifics of your building, including the size and associated costs.
Make an appointment for disinfectant cleaning services in Royal Oak suitable for your daily operations. Don't worry about preparing anything. Leave your space as-is, and we take care of everything.
Our cleaning company team members arrive on time with all the proper protective equipment and begin the process for sanitization, which includes utilizing our high-tech atomizer for total coverage.
Unlike other cleaning companies in Royal Oak, our crew uses cleaning agents that you don't have to wait around for. Your space is safe to enter and utilize in just 2 hours.
We will provide you with proof that you have undergone the EPA-approved covid cleaning services in Royal Oak required to give yourself, your employees, and your patrons peace of mind.
Take some time to review the cleaning services we've provided. We GUARANTEE you'll be satisfied. When you are, let your friends, family, and colleagues know. If they call us, you get rewarded!
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Why Do You Need Sanitizing Cleaning Services in Royal Oak?

Besides fighting off the seemingly never-ending COVID-19 pandemic, you must get regular disinfectant cleaning services in Royal Oak. You assume your building is clean because it looks and smells like it is. However, bacteria, viruses, and molds aren't something that can always be noticed. Our highly-trained cleaning technicians know what to look for, and we ensure that all the nooks and crannies are entirely wiped out for everyone's health and safety that enters your property.

Start with a FREE, contactless quote by calling us right away when you suspect disinfection and sanitization are necessary. Don't worry, there's no-obligation, and we won't pressure you.
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Other Cleaning Companies in Royal Oak Can't Do This!

You can certainly request a wide variety of covid cleaning services in Royal Oak from other companies out there. There aren't many that offer you the overnight options that ProClean Pressure Washing does, though. We know that sometimes you can't run your business while there are cleaning specialists working in it. We will come in at anytime that is suitable for you.

Do you have a sanitizing cleaning service in Royal Oak you would consider an emergency? Our experts will do comprehensive power washing services that are considered to be in-line with medical-grade cleaning.

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  • Verified Client Reviews

    "I own an office building in Royal Oak so I knew I needed a local sanitization company to keep my employees safe. Thankfully, ProClean Sanitization Service's team provides overnight services so I can open up in the morning knowing everything is clean. Definitely recommend!"
  • Verified Reviews

    "If your looking for someone to power wash your house or even business and want great prices.....this business is definitely the one to go to! He did my house and wow oh wow my house likes totally amazing! Would definitely recommend them!"
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Are Sanitizing Cleaning Services For You?

Viruses, mold, and bacteria are not picky about where they grow and who they infect. There are many reasons why cleaning services in Royal Oak could be for you, and in most of these instances, it's vital to have them performed.

- Someone with a positive case of coronavirus has been in the structure
- Preventative measures in nursing homes
- Preparing a home for new or visiting family members
- During cold and flu season
- When employees are getting ill

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Contactless Estimates Are Quick, FREE, & There's No Obligation!

Keeping the people who live and work in the state of Michigan, safe and healthy is most important to our highly-respected cleaning company. When we saw a potential risk with coronavirus, we jumped into action to adapt and create a process for sanitization and decontamination that works.

We took the time to learn what disinfectants the EPA put on the List N they released and registered. What we use is promised to kill the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, influenza, NoroVirus, and more effectively and thoroughly.

Whether you operate a Fortune 500 company, run a restaurant, or want to relax at home safely, ProClean is here to serve you.
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